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100% Scannable

All our Fake ID's are scannable - each card is tested on an official scanner before it is sent out to you.

100% Money Back Guarantee

We're so sure that we make perfect New Zealand Fake ID's that we will refund your entire purchase if you aren't satisfied for any reason whatsoever - including in the 1% chance that your card doesn't work for what you need.

Quick Shipping

We promise to have your Fake ID in your hands in as little as 10 days* - depending on which shipping method you use.

Security Features

We use all the same security features as real identification cards - this means the EXACT same hologram, engraving, embossing, provincial crests and UV symbols.

NZ Owned

Our team are all NZ born-and-bred. Why risk sending your money to one of the many 'US' scam websites, who are really run by Chinese/Russians and will run off with your money. Beware of these fraudulent identification sellers!

Easy Payment Methods

For those worried about being anonymous - we accept Bitcoin. For those wanting an easy to use payment method - we accept PayPal/Credit Card

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Our Promise To You:

  • Your card will look identical to real NZ drivers licenses
  • Your card WILL scan every time
  • Your card WILL get you into whichever licensed venue you want to go to, inside or outside of New Zealand.
  • Your card won't take longer than 3 weeks to reach you
  • If you test the quality of our cards side-by-side with any of the other Fake ID websites, you will NOT find one that is better quality
  • List Item We will respond to your question or queries within 48 hours
  • We will not sell our re-use your data. We will delete your info and photo after 28 days (none of the other big Fake ID websites do this)

What we can't promise you:

  • Your card will pass a police check.. unless you select "register card details" in the order form
  • Your card will reach you by this Friday so you can go out with your mates in Auckland
  • Your card will work if you are 11 years old
  • You won't get grounded if your parents find your card

Pay Just $149